Dominic Jones

“The web has the potential to bring millions more people into the capital markets as productive and engaged participants, but only if companies are there to welcome them.”

Dominic Jones is the founder of and President of IR Web Reporting International Inc. He has more than 20 years of experience in journalism, investor education and online investor relations communications.

Dominic Jones

Founder of IR Web Report and president of IR Web Reporting International Inc.

His research and guidelines for online investor relations communication best practices have been cited and referenced by industry associations, academics and consultants around the world. He has been a speaker at seminars and conferences for the National Investor Relations Institute in the United States and the Canadian Investor Relations Institute in the area of online investor relations.

Dominic has consulted for leading international corporations and has been quoted by many financial publications on the topic of investor-centric online investor relations communications, including Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Investor Relations Magazine, Real IR, NIRI’s IR Update; CFO magazine, Investor Relations Business, Investor Relations Newsletter, Corporate Governance Advisor, The Globe and Mail Report on Business, Financial Executive, and the National Post.

He was formerly director of investor education at the Canadian Securities Institute and its foundation for public education. There he pioneered popular Internet-based investor education programs and led the production of a wide range of innovative investor education programs and materials in collaboration with securities industry regulators, academics and industry associations.

A former newspaper and magazine journalist in Canada and South Africa, Dominic has authored several books on investing for retail investors and has served on securities industry committees in the area of investor education.

Dominic’s disclosures:

Last updated: May 28, 2011

I do not write about stocks or other securities and generally have no direct or indirect holdings in any companies I write about. The primary readers of IR Web Report are investor relations professionals at public companies who use the site to stay informed about developments and best practices in online IR communications. I believe readers rely on me to provide expert, fair and accurate coverage of the topics I write about, and I strive to meet these expectations.

However, there are a number of potential conflicts that exist that may impact my impartiality, including consulting and business relationships that I may have with investor relations service providers and public companies that I may write about. This is a consequence of being a leading consultant in a small industry.

To help you recognize when I may have a conflict that could influence my opinion, I am committed to being transparent about these relationships and have implemented the following voluntary policies and practices:

Service Providers: If I have had a consulting relationship with any service provider that is the focus of an article or if I recommend the service provider in an article, I will disclose if they have been a consulting client in the past 12 months by indicating as much in the article. This will be done with an * after the first mention of the firm’s name and a disclosure note at the bottom of the article. The disclosure note will indicate that the firm has been a client in the past 12 months and whether it is a current client. My consulting agreements do not entitle service providers to coverage on this site and I derive no benefit from writing about service providers.

A limited number of service providers may be sponsors of IR Web Report. They pay us a fee to advertise on the site. Sponsors are not entitled to any editorial services or coverage. When I or one of our contributors references a sponsor in an article or post, the company will be identified as a sponsor in the following format: company name (sponsor).

Public companies: I also have consulting relationships with public companies whose online IR practices I may occasionally want to use as as examples in articles on this site. These consulting agreements are cash only and are not contingent of the performance of the client companies’ securities.   While I don’t believe there is any reason to disclose my consulting relationships with public companies, in the interests of complete transparency I will disclose if a company I mention or use as an example has been a client of mine in the past 12 months.  This will be done in the following format: company name (client). Unfortunately, this means that I may not be able to provide certain examples when companies’ policies do not permit them to be publicly identified as a client of mine.

Of this you can be 100% certain: I will never write about a product, service or company in return for payment in cash or in kind. I don’t do advertorials.