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Leveraging the knowledge of international expert contributors, IR Web Report supports the global investor relations profession by showcasing IR communications best practices, highlighting new developments in the industry, and by facilitating independent commentary and discussion.

Our contributors’ program provides a platform for CEOs and founders of investor relations advisory firms and specialist service providers, as well as corporate IR professionals, to share their expertise with IR Web Report’s growing audience of more than 10,000 monthly unique users, comprised predominantly of IR professionals.

Investors Chronicle, a unit of the Financial Times group, has high praise of IR Web Reports pro-investor approach to online IR communications.

Investors Chronicle, a unit of the Financial Times, had high praise for IR Web Report, calling us "“The best no-axe-to-grind, no-feet-to-kiss assessor of corporate reporting on the Internet.”

Since its founding a decade ago, IR Web Report has championed the use of technology in investor relations communications. Technology continues to be a major theme in the articles we publish, but we also cover other topics relevant to IR professionals, including regulation, buy- and sell-side developments, financial reporting, corporate governance and ESG disclosure, communications skills and general IR best practices.

Editorial integrity

All articles on IR Web Report are unpaid editorial. We do not charge a fee to outside contributors. Sponsors or advertisers are not automatically entitled to become contributors or receive editorial coverage. We accept contributors based on their individual expertise and experience.

Contributors are required to disclose when they write about or refer to any company with which they have a business relationship, either directly or indirectly. If you believe that any contributor or IR Web Report is not living up this policy, please contact us or leave a comment on the relevant post.

Editorial integrity is important to us and we take all complaints seriously.

Discussion guidelines

Anyone is welcome to comment on any article published on IR Web Report. However, we try to strictly police comment threads for inappropriate comments such as spam and obscene material. We are particularly strict about comments posted purely for promotional purposes. These will be deleted.


Your input is important to us. You can contact the editors in several ways listed on our contacts page. Contact information for individual contributors typically is available by following the links to their own websites.

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