Thanks for your feedback!

WE have received a terrific response so far to our 2007 Reader Survey. I want to thank everyone who has participated for taking the time to tell us what you want and what you think of this site.

The feedback has been very honest and straightforward and will help us to improve as we go forward. We are getting a much clearer view of what topics you want more coverage on.

And yes, we truly appreciate all of the comments and suggestions we’ve received — even the ones that say I should “cheer up,” be “less pompous,” “have the occassional compliment,” and “see the glass as half-full.”

I will try.

The survey is still running, so I don’t want to influence the outcome by revealing too much now, but if you haven’t had a chance yet to tell us which topics interest you the most, please do so now.

Here’s a link to the survey.

Thanks again. We really do appreciate your advice and opinions.

Dominic Jones

Dominic Jones (bio) created IR Web Report in 2001. He is a consultant to leading public companies and investor relations service providers worldwide. You can contact him via the contacts page.